Lyndon Vikings

Both A and B varsity squads were on the road traveling to Lyndon Institute.
With the frost still clinging to the grass and clouds of breath forming around helmets the B team took the field.
The Falcons started with a kickoff by number 89. On the second play of the game the Falcons had a fumble recovery by number 78, Patrick Young. From there the Falcons came on strong and never quit.
Quarterback, number 6, Alex Haugwitz, crossed the goal line himself with a game total of 4 touchdowns. Number 20, Derrick Breault, is credited with two touchdowns.
Points were also put on the board by number 98, Asom Hayman-Jones with a total of three catches for 6 extra points on the day.
Not to be outdone, the Falcon defense also stood strong. Patrick Young, number 78, had another fumble recovery, for two on the day. Ajay Warner, number 74, came out with back-to-back sacks, and number 33, Justin McGork, with less than a minute to play, had an interception giving the Falcons possession and allowing them to run out the clock.
With a score of 42-0 the Falcons closed the door on a perfect season.
The B team plays next week at the end of the season Essex Jamboree.
With hand warmers being passed out like Halloween candy, the 7/8 grade boys took the field for their final regular game of the season against the Lyndon Institute Vikings.
Action started quickly for number 15, Trey Azur, receiving the opening kick, a fifteen-yard pass and then reaching the end zone giving the falcons an early lead. He also had an early interception bringing the ball to Vikings five-yard line.
Offensively the Falcons continued to be strong with a touchdown by number 30, Cole Azur, and a touchdown by number 14, Troy Sanville.
In the second quarter Cole Azur had an interception giving the Falcons possession on the Vikings 20. That led to a 20-yard touchdown pass to brother, Trey Azur and an extra point run in by Troy Sanville. The Falcons led the game 25-6 at the half.
The Vikings turned the ball over on downs to open the second half.
Cole Azur stepped out with a 45 yard run for touchdown to continue his performance from the first half.
An onside kick by number 51, Curtis Bowen, and covered by number 30, Cole Azur, maintained procession for the Falcons. Quarterback, number 28, Evan Sarault had a long distance sprint to give the Falcons another touchdown with the extra point again being carried in by Sanville.
The game closed out with a sack by number 79, Kamden Dennis. The Falcons A team varsity walked away with a 38-12 win and a season record of 5-2. They are ranked number 2.
They face the number 7 ranked, Fairfax Patriots Saturday at home, in the first round of single elimination playoffs.
Thanks are given to Chris Young for the B team information, and recognition is given to eighth graders in their final year of Junior Falcons Football, (for some it was also there first).
*#1 Mitchell Austin
*#15 Trey Azur
*#21 Briar Niles
*#22 Camden Fort
*#28 Evan Sarault
*#58 Austin Lamoureaux
*#61 Aiden Hogan
*#63 Chance Broome
*#73 Caleb Bryant
*#76 Tim Gray
*#79 Kamden Dennis
*#89 Nicholas Garcia
*#99 Michael Punt

Oxbow High School

After two weeks off the 4/5 grade B squad JV traveled to Oxbow High School to face the Bradford Bulldogs.
The Falcons defense was strong with number 82, Nick Choquette having a huge tackle to close the half, keeping the game scoreless.
Choquette stayed focused, gaining a fumble recovery on the opening play of the second half. From there the Falcons marched the ball up the field allowing number 37, Shawn Fearino to cross for six and in a shotgun formation, number 25, quarterback Jack Young, to cross for the extra point. Number 84, Jacob Young deflected a pass to end the game giving the Falcons a 7-0 win. The B team JV are 2-4 on the season.

BFA Fairfax Patriots

The Junior Falcons A and B team Varsity squads were in action Saturday as they faced off against the Patriots of Bellows Free Academy in Fairfax.
In a soggy situation the Falcons B squad started the morning with a strong defense. Although they allowed a touchdown, number 44, Isiak Pothier, came up with an interception to deny the extra two points.
In the second quarter and for the second week in a row, number 40, Alex Fearino, carried in a running touchdown for the Falcons, tying the game 6-6 going into halftime. Fearino later left the game due to injury,recognition should be given to number 22 of BFA for calling out the need for assistance, showing true sportsmanship.
A mere three minutes into the second half, Falcons number 24, Ethan Sarault, gained North Country they’re second touchdown tying the game.
After that it was a hard fought battle. As the final horn sounded, Falcons number 6, Alex Haugwitz, crossed the line to give the North Country Junior Falcons B varsity an 18-12 win over the Patriots.
Following the 5/6 grade B team, the 7/8 grade A team took the same field. The Falcons opened the game with number 51, Curtis Bowen showing off his leg with a 40 yard kick. The Patriots fumbled the ball and number 58, Austin Lamoureux came up with the recovery giving the Falcons their first possession of the game.
A 25 yard pass was completed by number 28, Evan Sarault, to number 30, Cole Azur for a the first Falcon touchdown.
Azur and number 61, Aidan Hogan, both left the game due to injuries later in the game.
With a pick by Falcon s safety, number 13, Chad Lantagne, they simply gained momentum. Number 15, Trey Azur, is credited with two touchdowns and number 23, Garett Gile, is credited with one, while number 22, Camden Fort had the two point conversion on Giles TD. Other notable plays of the game are, a sack by number 58, Austin Lamoureux and a blocked punt by number 99, Michael Punt. The Falcons earned another victory with the final being 26-6.
Both A and B varsity squads face Lyndon in their final regular season games next Saturday in Lyndon, while the 4/5 grade, B Junior Varsity team again meet the Bradford Bulldogs in Bradford.

Barre Crimson Tide

Under a blanket of clouds and with light rain falling, the Junior Falcon B Varsity boys took on Barreā€™s Crimson Tide early Saturday September 29, 2012.
The action started early with number 6, Alex Haugwitz, the Falcons Quarterback running the ball in for 6. Number 98, Asom Hayman-Jones, made the two-point conversion. Just minutes later Haugwitz scored another six. Action continued when number 40, Alex Fearino stripped Barre of the ball and had the recovery. With ten seconds left in the half number 24, Ethan Sarault brought the Falcons another touchdown. The Falcons went into half time with a 20-0 lead.
The second half was no less exciting with Fearino scoring a touchdown, Sam Austin with an interception, two touchdowns scored by number 44, Issak Pothier, and a two point conversion by number 26, The Falcons earned another shut out with a 40-0 win in Barre.
The A squad boys also faced the Crimson Tide in Barre.
Falcons number 15, Trey Azur, received the kickoff and returned the ball 35 yards. That led to a pass to his brother, number 30, Cole Azur for the first Falcon touchdown. A short time later, number 76, Tim Gray, had a tackle in the end zone for the safety and two points.
The Falcons looked to be tiring when a long pass to Trey Azur revived them leading to a touchdown by number 1, Mitchell Austin taking the game to halftime.
The second half started slow for the offense but the defense came on strong, notably with number 22, Camden Fort having multiple play impacting tackles and number 89, Nick Garcia, having a fumble recovery. The game ended on a sack by number 58, Austin Lamoureux. The A team also walked away with the shutout and a final score of 26-0.

Bradford Bulldogs

The boys of fall were all in action Saturday as all three Junior Falcon Football squads played home games at North Country.
The morning started early when the “B” Varsity boys took on the Bradford Bulldogs in there only home game this season.. Number 9, Stephen Austin, ran the kickoff back for the first touchdown. The extra point was run in by number 98, Asom Hayman-Jones. With a strong sweep Broe later had a second touchdown and extra point. With a superior defense they were able to shut down the Bulldogs and walk away with a 13-0 win.
The “A” team boys followed up where the younger boys left off in their game against the 7/8 grade Bulldog squad. Number 58, Austin Lamoureux, sacked the quarterback early. Shortly after Falcons running back, Garrett Giles, scored a touchdown, with number 22, Camden Fort caught the 2 point conversion. An action packed second quarter showed 3 more Falcon touchdowns, two by number 15, Trey Azur, and another by Garret Giles. Troy Sanville ran for one extra point and Dakota Cote caught a pass for a two point conversion. At halftime the Falcons led 29-7.
The second half proved just as exciting as the Falcons defense showed their power with Aiden Hogan batting down a pass, Austin Lamoureux blocking a punt, and ending in the fourth with Curtis Bowen pouncing on a loose ball in the end zone for the safety and two points. Other high points of the game were big runs by Rian Hayman-Jones and Malaki Mahar. The final score was Falcons 31 Bulldogs 7.
As morning led to afternoon the youngest Falcons squad, made up of mostly fourth and fifth graders, took the field against the Saint Albans Steelers. Number 3, Caleb Svayg had a 45 yard run being forced out of bounds at the 13. With no time left on the clock Shawn Fearino ran the ball in for the Falcons only touchdown. In a hard fought game the JV squad fell 12-6.
Both A and B varsity teams travel to Barre on Saturday, September 29th.

CVU Raiders

The sun broke through the clouds momentarily as number 1, Mitchell Austin, received the kickoff at the Junior Falcons A team varsity home opener against the CVU Raiders, early Saturday morning. The first quarter was hard fought but scoreless for both teams. Shortly into the second quarter an interception by number 23, Garrett Giles led to a fifteen yard reception for number 32, Rian Hayman-Jones. Four plays later the first touchdown of the game was scored by number 30, Cole Azur giving the Falcons a 6-0 lead. As the clock ran down to zero the rain started.
In the third, with the rain falling, the Falcons defense took the field and came on strong forcing a fumble, which was recovered by number 51, Curtis Bowen, and later a blocked punt by number 58, Austin Lamoureux, giving the Falcons the ball on the 27 yard line. At the end of the third the score was still 6-0.
As the teams traded fumbles with a wet ball, the Falcons defense stayed strong. Number 22, Camden Fort had a fumble recovery in the end zone for a touchdown, and Cole Azur ran it in for the extra point, giving the Falcons a 13-0 lead. The action ended on an interception by Camden Fort.
The Junior Falcons B team Varsity play their home opener next Saturday against Bradford with kickoff at 8 a.m. followed by the A team at 9:30.

B team JV Bradford

On Wednesday September 12 the Junior Falcons B team JV met with the Bradford Bulldogs in their first home game. The game started out strong for the Falcons and never stopped. In the first half, Charleston fourth grader, number 37, Shawn Fearino ran the ball for two touchdowns and one extra point,one of which was a sixty yard run. Braxton Azur is credited with the extra point for the other touchdown. With a 14-0 lead the Falcons ended the half with a fumble recovery made by Falcons number 51 Kyle Martin. Shortly after the opening of the second half Falcons number 3, Caleb Svayg, had a 40 yard run leading to another touchdown and extra point by Fearino. The final score of the game was North Country 21 Bradford 0. The JV squad plays this Friday, September 14 in Jericho at 6:00.


We travelled to Winooski and playes two hard matches.

The B team trailed at half time, but came storming back with a game-changing touchdown on a punt return.

The A team played a strong Winooski team and came up a little short again.